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What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a state of relaxed concentration where the conscious mind is relaxed.  When you relax the conscious or critical mind, your subconscious mind is accepting of the things you desire to change or goals you want to achieve.  During the hypnotic state the hypnotist gives the subconscious mind positive suggestions.  These suggestions are then the process the subconscious mind uses to make the changes you desire.  Hypnosis can also be used for blocks you may have keeping you from making desired changes. 


What is the difference between the conscious mind and subconscious mind?


The conscious mind also known as the critical mind, rationalizes, thinks, analyzes, judges and makes decisions.  An example of the conscious mind is:  When you learn to drive a standard shift car, or a bicycle you consciously have to remember to push in the clutch, as you are letting your foot off of the accelerator and then you need to shift the gear shift from one gear to another.  A bicycle would be to peddle the bike as you remember to steer, watching where you are going and braking while keeping your balance.  All of these learned behaviors are done through the conscious mind.  Years later you drive a standard shift car or ride a bicycle and you get into the driving position and you automatically follow the procedure of driving the car or bike.  The part of your brain that now controls the driving is your subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind does not make decisions, it does not know right from wrong it just does what it was taught and follows through without question.


The subconscious mind controls most of our daily actions rather than the conscious mind.  It is said as much of 95% of your day is done subconsciously.   If the conscious mind that thinks, rationalizes and judges made all the decisions you would have a perfect life making all the right decisions.  You would stop smoking instantly, stop over eating just like that, there would be no anxiety or stress in your life.  Who would choose stress?  The subconscious mind contains our urges, desires, and motivations that are hidden from the conscious mind.  This is why hypnosis helps, by relaxing the conscious mind and working with the subconscious, which knows no right or wrong. 


Age Regression, your subconscious minds stores all of your memories.  The hypnotist can regress the client back to their early years, age 2 or younger.  You can actually go back and see what you wore to your 2nd birthday party, or what you did on your first day of school.  It is an amazing tool to use to "unblock" emotions you've simply forgotten the root cause.  Past Life Regression is another option, you may have traumas from prior lives that effect you today.  By using a highly trained professional hypnotist you can clear many unwanted situations in your life by revisiting past lives.  The best example of this is "Many Lives Many Masters", by Dr. Brian Weiss, Yale trained Psychiatrist.


Can I be hypnotized?


Anyone that desires to be hypnotized can be hypnotized.  A thorough explanation will be given to you prior to the actual hypnosis, any questions you may have will be answered.  Hypnosis is completely safe and all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Reports on hypnotizability, based on controlled research, indicate that, of those tested, 95 percent are influenced to some degree.  You will not do anything under hypnosis that you would not desire to do, see myths below.


Myths about Hypnosis


Myth #1 - I'll reveal all my secrets.    You decide what you want to share or not share in hypnosis.


Myth #2 - I'll be under someone's spell or mind control.    You are in control at all times in hypnosis.


Myth #3 - I'll have amnesiac blocks and not remember anything.    You will remember everything from your session.


Myth #4 - I'll be forced to do something against my will.   In hypnosis, you will not do anything against your  will.


Myth #5 - I won't be able to be hypnotized.   As long as you are not mentally impaired, you will be able to be hypnotized.  People go into hypnotic states many times every single day.


Myth #6 - I'll do something embarrassing.   Clucking like a chicken is reserved for stage hypnosis that is for entertainment purposes.  In therapeutic session, Hypnosis is used to help clients make the changes they desire.


Myth #7 - Hypnosis is dangerous, especially for the feeble-minded.  Hypnosis is safe, a certified, skilled hypnotherapist will ensure your safety and success at all times.


What do most people get hypnotized for?


The top three things people choose hypnosis for are, to stop smoking, to lose weight and anxiety.  Hypnosis can be used for any behavior you desire to change.  It is very effective for public speaking, for bedwetting, for nail biting.  You decide what you'd like to change and we will work out a plan to help you achieve your desire.



Jo Ellen Stoppi is a Certified Hypnotist, and an active member of The National Guild of Hypnotist



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