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Jo Ellen completed the ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®  or ATP course through Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. December 2014.      Jo Ellen's connections with the Angelic Realm started many years before. Through the completion of the Angel Therapy Practitioner course she is able to assist you with connecting to angels, elementals, archangels, and ascended masters to provide spiritual guidance and harmony to the individual in all aspects of their life.


Jo Ellen will connect with the Angels and ask them for messages. They will give you messages they feel are beneficial for you to receive at this place and time. You may immediately recognize the guidance they are providing for you, or it may be in the near future.  The information provided is given as a tool to assist you.  The Angels provide information through love for your highest good.  The information received can range from your personal or  professional life to hobbies, interests, family, friends.   Jo Ellen has a large variety of Angel Cards, and includes utilizing this tool during your reading. 

Angels will answer and guide you on a large variety of questions.  The do not predict the future, they realize we as humans have free will and circumstances change.  They do not give answers to certain questions, examples winning lottery numbers or who is my soul mate. This is more  psychic information and not under the realm of Angel messages.


Angel readings are typically a 25- 35 minute session, depending on questions and answers.  The charge is $45.00 for just an Angel Reading. There are combination rates if the reading is in combination with another session, AND the service and the reading are provided at the same time. Example Healing Touch Session for $65. and an Angel Reading  $30. for a total cost of $95.00 for the two together.


Angel Parties are a fun way to gather friends for an afternoon or evening.  Jo Ellen will come to your home and provide Angel Readings for you and your friends.  All readings are done individually in a private area, as messages are for the individual only.  A minimum of 6 people plus yourself, for $45.00 per person and you as the host earn a free Angel Reading.  All the readings are from 25 - 35 minutes long.  Please contact Jo Ellen to schedule a "Angel Party" now.  484-334-8150


Universal Love & Light Wellness Center, LLC does not diagnose or treat.  It is the client's/recipient's responsibility to check with their own Medical Physician regarding their personal health.  Universal Love & Light Wellness Center, LLC and all providers presenting and working through Universal Love & Light Wellness Center, LLC are for your pleasure only and upon participation in any healings, readings, and presentations all presenters and facility are relinquished of any liability. 






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